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Our Community

At Wyndham Central College our vision is to create a community of high expectations for all. Underpinning our vision are the three key values of respect, co-operation & excellence.


Principals Message

As educators we constantly search for opportunities to raise the expectations of our young students.

At Wyndham Central Secondary College we have embarked on an ambitious educational improvement plan.  The College is currently moving through a ‘rebadging’ process with both the new name approved and the new uniform implemented as of January 2013 over a two-year period.

The staff is committed to delivering a rigorous curriculum enhanced by the AVID program that will prepare students by developing a set of strategies to support their learning for their chosen pathway for tertiary study, training or employment.   In 2013 all Yr. 7 students will have their learning underpinned by the AVID strategies along with the Yr. 10 elective program. To further complement the academic program all students will be provided with a pathways plan from Yr. 7 that requires commitment, reflection and regular consultation between student, tutor and family/guardian.  This three-way partnership is crucial to the successful progress of all of the students at Wyndham Central.

In 2013 the College will be offering a broader LOTE program consisting of Italian, Japanese and Spanish.    The program will expand to include the establishment of several key sister school links with schools in Spain and Japan.  Our current arrangement with Costa Mesa High School in California will continue.

To underpin this plan the College has entered into ‘master plan’ phase for the rebuild/remodernisation.  The State Government has provided $14m in the 2012 budget with a further significant contribution from DEEWR for the “trade training centre” facilities in electrotechnology.

The first phase of the master plan commences in 2013 with the second phase taking place through mid-2013 and into 2014.  The masterplan will deliver a Yr. 7 Centre, Yr. 8-9 Centre and Later Years Centre to accommodate the different priorities of the new innovative and challenging education programs. A key showpiece will be the “Science/ Stemnet” Centre with outstanding facilities for both our secondary students and local network primary students along with a new Gymnasium/ Sports Centre and Theatre with a seating capacity of 180.  Complementing the whole school rebuild/remodernisation will be the active/passive environmental landscaping plan for the school grounds.

We value our parents’ connection and involvement with the school by commencing the school program with tutor, student & parent interviews to discuss the learning goals for the coming year.   We also expect and value parent support for school programs and policies in helping to maintain a working, productive environment.

At the end of 2012 the data sets in key areas have already demonstrated remarkable and significant improvement in line with the targets identified and reflect the dedication and professionalism displayed by the staff.

It is an exciting time to be creating the community of high expectations!