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Music has been an integral part of Wyndham Central College’s curriculum for 25 years. The Music Program provides students with the skills and determination to achieve their greatest potential on an instrument in a supportive environment, guided by knowledgeable and experienced instrumental teachers. The Music Faculty continually supports and encourages student instrumentalists to pursue a pathway into future music studies and careers if desired.

The new Music Centre, encompassing the Performing Arts Auditorium, is an outstanding environment for students to study music. It consists of individual rehearsal rooms, music classroom, keyboard laboratory, band performance room and a tiered theatre that accommodates an audience of 250.

Wyndham Central College offers a unique Year 7 Instrumental music program. Every Year 7 student will be offered the opportunity to receive Introductory Instrumental Music Lessons and instrument hire. Instrumental music is a core unit of our classroom program and integrating instruments into the Year 7 classroom not only supports future studies in VCE Music Performance but aims at fostering an interest in a lifetime hobby or pursuit.

Participation in the Music Program helps to develop traits such as cooperation, team work, leadership skills and persistence—important characteristics that contribute to other areas of education and student life.

Instruments available for the Year 7 program:

Strings Woodwind Brass Guitar Vocals Percussion
Violin Flute Trumpet Acoustic/Electric Classical Drum Kit**
Clarinet Trombone Bass Contemporary
Saxophone / Alto / Tenor

**Denotes Limited Availability

Frequently Asked Questions

What instrument should I play?

If your child is unsure about which instrument to play, we will be running workshops and instrumental demonstrations on all of the instruments available. In consultation with our experienced musical staff, students will be given the opportunity to ask questions and even get some “hands on” experience to enable them to make a more informed choice.

When do lessons start?

Lessons will commence in the first few weeks of each term. Commencement of individual lessons will depend on the student’s classroom Music lessons and the availability of instruments and staff. Students should receive between 6-8 group lessons for the term. Each group will most likely consist of 2-6 students but will depend on student demand for placements. (This should be used as a guide only.)

All instrumental lessons are conducted during school time and lessons are scheduled so that students do not miss the same timetabled class each week. Lessons are of 48 minutes duration, corresponding with the College class times.

An Instrumental Music Agreement form is sent home for both the student and parent/guardian to read and sign. This form must be returned to the Director of Music.

How do I apply?

Instrumental teachers will visit Year 7 classes at the start of each term. Students will hear a demonstration of all instruments played and are then asked to select the instrument they would like to learn. The Director of Music will then consult with the instrumental music teachers as to the availability of instruments and lesson times.

Although there will be no charge for the Introductory Instrumental Lessons, a $50 refundable bond must be paid to the Front Office before lessons and instrument hire can commence.
*Please refer to the instrumental Music Agreement form for further details.

Can I continue on with my instrument?

After the initial term of Introductory Lessons, students may decide to continue with lessons and participate in the mainstream Instrumental Program. The Instrumental Program should be regarded as a year–long commitment and the free introductory lessons are available to enable Year 7 students to decide if they are suited for the instrument of choice.

How much are lessons if I want to continue?

The program is heavily subsidized by Wyndham Central College. Normal instrumental lessons with instrument hire cost a very low $50 per term (includes both lessons and instrument hire).

How do I discontinue lessons?

Should the need arise to discontinue lessons after the free introductory lessons, the school requires notice in writing from a parent/guardian to be forwarded to the Director of Music at the end of the term. Once the instrument (in good working order) has been returned to the Music Department, the $50 bond will be refunded in the form of a credit.

How do I contact the Music Department?

The best form of communication is by email as our instrumental teachers are only at the school 1 or 2 days a week. Year 7 students will be given their instrumental music teacher’s email address, and parents/guardian are encouraged to use this as the form of communication. All phone enquiries can contact the school on 9741 4911.

Director of Music
Ms Sue Butcher

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