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Year 7 Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program at Wyndham Central College will provide students, who have been identified with a particular gift and/or talent, a developmentally appropriate program. This program will allow students to access learning opportunities that challenge and extend learning in a chosen area of curriculum. Enrichment experiences will be interwoven into tutor time and timetabled classes, with extra-curricular activities playing an important role in supporting the Enrichment Project.  Students who have been selected for the program will be allocated to a tutor group known as 7B.

 Selection into the Enrichment Class

All students enrolled into Year 7 will be offered the opportunity to apply for a place in the Enrichment Class. An application form must be completed by both the parent/guardian and student including all required documentation. Finally, the selection process will be informed by:

  • Student’s most recent school report
  • Year 5 NAPLAN test results
  • Student’s Personal Statement

Enrichment opportunities

A broad range of enrichment opportunities will be made available to successful applicants. These opportunities include:

  • Excursions and incursions that enrich both the learning of students and curriculum that is taught in the classroom.
  • Enrichment Project including resources and mentor
  • Differentiated curriculum and assessment in their area of enrichment
  • Flexible timetabling to allow students to work with ability and same interest groups
  • Participation in extracurricular activities to support development in areas of enrichment.

Students in the Enrichment Program are expected to be broadly involved in all aspects of student life at the College. A number of extra-curricular activities will be available for students to provide further enrichment opportunities across all learning areas at Wyndham Central. This may include participation in the school musical, drama plays, instrumental music, sporting teams, art shows, leadership roles, creative writing opportunities, Maths competitions, Humanities, STEM and Science based activities.  

The Enrichment Project

Students will develop an Enrichment Project over the course of the year and present their completed project during Term 4. The project is based on Type 3 Enrichment from Renzulli’s School Wide Enrichment Model. Projects will revolve around real-world, problem-based, long-term investigations. Students must be prepared to commit the time necessary for inquiry and content discovery type activities in conjunction with their mentor teacher. Mentors will be selected by the Enrichment Coordinator based on the area of expertise that is needed.

Enrichment Projects can be presented using a number of media. For example; presentations using PowerPoint, performances, music recitals, exhibitions, lectures and YouTube demonstrations.


The Enrichment Project will:

  • Allow students to develop authentic products related to their area of interest. These products should have a specific goal or audience in mind
  • Teach students independent learning skills such as researching, planning, organising and time management
  • Teach students the importance of task commitment, motivation, and accomplishment
  • Encourage creative expression
  • Encourage students to work collaboratively  with other ‘like-minded’ students 
  • Offer students flexibility to work in a group to achieve an overall project that may not be achievable individually.


There will be opportunities for parents and Year 5 and 6 students to observe selected Enrichment Project presentations during Term 4. Further information will be available on the WCC website.

Year 7 Applications

Applications to join the Enrichment Program are in the Year 6 Information Transitions pack given out to all students attending WCC next year. Once applications have been received, the Enrichment Panel will meet to discuss each student’s suitability for the Enrichment Program. All students and parents/guardians will be notified by letter as to the outcome of their application.

For further enquiries, parents may contact Sue Butcher (Enrichment Coordinator) Megan Taylor (Assistant Principal) or Connie Faranda (Assistant Principal).

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