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Wyndham Central College recognises the importance of developing young people in education so they can to contribute to society positively.

As educators, we have a professional responsibility to work collaboratively with our community primary schools and ensure the transition from primary to secondary school is a smooth one for both the student and their families. Our vision at Wyndham Central College is to ensure successful transition is a meaningful change occurring not only from primary to secondary school but by supporting its existing students transition from one-year level to another.

Transition to secondary school is not a point-in-time event, but rather an experience that can extend beyond the last two years of primary school and the first two years of secondary school. This movement from one set of circumstances to another with changes to the environment, relationships, behaviour, routines, roles and expectations can be at times overwhelming. It is with this in mind that we are continuously working towards improving our processes and assisting families by providing ongoing up to date information about our school and the transition process.

There is currently no planned orientation day on the 8th of December 2020. We are still awaiting advice from the Department of Education but have a contingency plan in place. Wyndham Central College will provide orientation activities for the students to complete at their primary school. Furthermore if this is the case, Orientation day activities will run on the first day of school, 28th January 2021. Students will find out their class schedule on this day.

Please refer to the document “2021 Parent Information” (see below) for further information about Wyndham Central College as well as our video providing you a look into our current school community.

Enrolment packs have already been sent out to all future families. Should you require assistance in completing these forms please contact our Administration Office on 9741 4911 to arrange an appointment. All enrolment documents must be returned to the school no later than the 16th of December, 2020. Please ensure all documentation is return to ensure your child is enrolled.